Recently rated companies: 
Checkers & Checkers Hypers: 80%    Cell C: 12.5%    Hertz: 10%    Clicks: 10%    London Pie Company: 50%    Pick n Pay: 50%    KFC: 15%    Wesbank: 85%    Volkswagen: 90%    Vodacom: 12.5%    Unitrans Insurance: 10%    Steers: 12.5%    Spar: 57.5%    Shoprite: 12.5%    PG Glass: 82.5%    Mr Delivery: 85%    Hi-Q: 85%    FNB: 85%    Builders Warehouse: 75%    Discovery Health : 17.5%    Bosch Service: 17.5%    ABSA Insurance: 95%   
South African Service Awards is the premier customer driven service awards in South Africa. All companies are rated by their actual customers, therefore providing a completely unbiased view as to the level of service that the company is providing.

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